Starbucks' New Spring Menu Items Are Giving ‘Grimace Shake’

Starbucks Coffee

Fans of coffee chain Starbucks are gearing up for spring after getting an early look at the upcoming menu additions.

This March, Starbucks is reportedly joining the lavender flavor trend as it welcomes three different lavender-based drinks to its menu. Food influencer Markie Devo shared a sneak peek at what the spring 2024 menu reportedly looks like, introducing fans to the Iced Lavender Oatmilk Matcha, Lavender Creme Frappuccino Blended Beverage and Iced Lavender Oatmilk Latte, with the last drink also available served hot.

They also got a glimpse of upcoming merch, including a new color as part of Starbucks' collab with Stanley, with a powder blue reportedly dropping in April.

Upon seeing the purple beverages Devo joked, "I didn’t know it was still Grimaces bday..well Grimace if he decided to go cross country in a Winnebago😅."

Someone else thought the same, commenting, "Ain’t no way Starbucks got the grimace shake 💀."

"Only took a million years but finally lavender is here 😋," said one fan, lamenting how long it took for Starbucks to offer lavender-flavored drinks, as another said, "Finally they're doing this every small shop has for years."

Some fans were very excited to try Starbucks' new menu, with replies like, "Oooooh I can’t wait to try" and "YES YES YESSSS," while others didn't hold back their dislike for it, writing, "OH BROTHER CANDLE FLAVOR 😂" and "Sounds gross 🤢 come on Starbucks!" among other comments.

Although Starbucks' rumored spring lavender drinks might be a little divisive, there are always passionate Starbucks fans out there. This was especially evident in 2023, when the food chain introduced the Oleato line of drinks, featuring coffee with olive oil.

After trying out the experimental new drinks, some customers reportedly experienced stomach issues, but Starbucks continued the offerings. In fact, the drinks are officially available at all U.S. stores starting on Jan. 30.

Now, fans will have to wait and see what interesting drinks Starbucks thinks up next!

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