Stand out on the roads with showstopping under-car LED lights

In this episode of ITK: Glow Up Garage, Anatalia Villaranda (@anataliav) shows us how to install under-car lighting these LED light strips can’t help a car go any faster, but they do add style wherever you go. “This is going to elevate your ride, pimp your ride a little bit, and just make your ride look a lot cooler,” Anatalia says. Under-car lighting is actually very easy to install at home with a car jack and a few tools.


  • Alcohol wipes

  • Adhesion promoter

  • Two 60-inch exterior adhesive LED strips (to apply to the sides of the car)

  • Two 24-inch exterior adhesive LED (to apply to the back and front of the car)

  • Smart hub and extension cables

  • Adhesive pads

  • 12 mm socket

  • 3/4 ratcheting wrench

  • Mounting brackets (optional)

  • Screws (optional)

  • Zip ties


“The most important part is making sure that you place your LED strips in the correct placement,” Anatalia says. Find the place under the front of the car that will stay the most dry and start there. Clean the area with alcohol prep, then apply the adhesion promoter once it’s dry.

Line up the 24-inch LED strip so that the wiring connects next to the fuel lines. Remove the adhesive backing and attach the strip to the car, ensuring placement is lined up and centered.

3. Follow steps one and two along the sides of the car using the 60-inch LED strips.

4. Follow steps one and two along the back of the car.

5. Connect the wiring straight through the trunk to the power source and secure wires using the zip ties.

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