Spread Cottage Cheese On Your Bagel For A High Protein Breakfast

bagel with cottage cheese
bagel with cottage cheese - iuliia_n/Shutterstock

Bagels aren't only meant for cream cheese. Think of your favorite New York-style bagels as vehicles for culinary creativity. Rich spreads of cottage cheese can serve as the foundation for some of your favorite toppings. Sweeter servings made with seasonal berries, drizzles of honey, and sprinkles of cinnamon can make for a decadent start to the day, or reach for more savory toppings like smoked salmon, slices of tomato, and basil leaves for a dish that will keep you satisfied until the lunch hour.

Packed with protein, cottage cheese is a versatile ingredient that can satiate hunger any time of the day. When strained and paired with a freshly toasted bagel, you may be reaching for the container in your fridge with more regularity. For a fluffier texture to smooth across your crusty bagels, whip the cottage cheese beforehand by blending in a food processor for about one minute until smooth. The creamiest spread can be made from cottage cheese with a higher fat content. With the pillowy texture ready for your morning meal, you can pair whipped cottage cheese with slices of avocado or crispy bacon slices to combat morning hunger pangs.

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A Filling Snack Anytime Of The Day

vegetables on sliced bagel
vegetables on sliced bagel - Shaiith/Shutterstock

Once you have whipped cottage cheese at the ready, the luxuriously creamy spread can be topped with drizzles of your favorite nut butter or crowned with maple syrup or agave nectar and shavings of rich dark chocolate for a sweet treat that will have you looking forward to your morning meal. Give cottage cheese variations in flavor by mixing it with a teaspoon of your favorite jam before lathering it onto your bagel, or make a spicer spread with a dash of smoked paprika and freshly cracked black pepper before spooning it onto your toasted, buttery bagels.

After one bite, you may find yourself revisiting this recipe in the afternoons. An afternoon snack made with a bagel, cream cheese, and fresh herbs can serve as a quick meal that can be enjoyed on the go, or when garnished with homemade za'atar blend, hot honey, or flaky crumbles of sea salt, be plated as a dish that you could offer to guests with crisp glasses of Assyrtiko for tonight's happy hour.

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