A Spotlight On Allrecipes Allstar: Stacey Freeman

A busy mom of two, Allstar Stacey Freeman makes dinnertime easy by putting a fun spin on her kids' favorite dishes.

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Allrecipes: Tell us about yourself!

Stacey Freeman: I'm a mom, university dean, and business owner living in Los Angeles with my two school-age children and our Frenchie, Coco. After becoming a first-time mom, I started blogging in 2013, wanting a creative outlet to share my passions and interests.

AR: As a busy mom, I bet you have a go-to cooking tip for a quick dinner!

SF: Yes, I always keep ground turkey or beef on hand because you can do so many things with it.

AR: What is your favorite thing to cook?

SF: I like to bake rather than cook. I find it so therapeutic.

AR: What is your favorite thing to bake?

SF: It depends on the season, but my go-to is cookies or cakes. You can never go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie.

AR: Who or what is inspiring you right now?

SF: My kids. I love finding exciting ways to get them to try new things.

AR: What is the latest thing you have gotten them to try?

SF: More veggies. I love incorporating vegetables into their favorite dishes, such as pizza, and breadsticks. Cauliflower breadsticks and zucchini crust pizza have been winners lately.

AR: What's your go-to meal when you want to raid the fridge and pantry and avoid cooking?

SF: Breakfast for dinner! I will make scrambled eggs or an omelet with toast - it's an easy meal, and my kids also love it. 

Keeping It Easy

Stacey is a busy mom, and as many of us know, getting dinner on the table can be a major struggle. With a little planning and imagination, Stacey whips up yummy meals that please even her pickiest kiddos. Stacey's secret weapons? She likes to keep it simple with easy recipes that are fast or can be prepared ahead of time. "I like to make things from the pantry like tacos with beans and rice or burgers with Air Fryer fries," says Stacey.

Stacey makes dinnertime easy by putting a fun spin on her kids' favorite meals. She likes to sneak in veggies, like adding broccoli to pasta or cauliflower in breadsticks. This way, her children can enjoy their beloved dishes while still getting essential nutrients. Stacey's creative approach to cooking helps her family stay healthy and happy at the dinner table.

Her Beef and Mushroom Stuffed Shells are a prime example. She creates a new classic by replacing half the beef with nutrient-packed mushrooms, delighting kids and adults alike. Stacey says, "This easy pasta recipe is the perfect dish to serve a family because I know even the younger eaters are going to love it just as much as the adults." For Stacey, dinner is more than just food on the table—it's feeding her family with love.

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