WATCH: Haunted shopping trolley captured on CCTV

Kristine Tarbert

This supermarket was completely empty when a trolley decided to head down the aisle completely on its own.

The spooky footage was shared on Youtube and has us scratching our heads, as it appears to show a 'haunted' shopping trolley rolling around without anybody touching it.

While the video is a little shaky - we'd be shaking too if we saw something this creepy in real life - the CCTV footage clearly shows a trolley coming down the aisle, before it makes a turn and heads for the front of the shop.

The trolley is seen moving along the aisle. Photo: Youtube

The supermarket was empty at the time so there is no real explanation as to why the trolley moved.

People online were convinced it was a ghost.

"Videos sure had a lot of orbs in them ," one person commented.

It then turned towards the exit by itself. Photo: Youtube

"Actually very creepy," another wrote.

Others however were not so convinced, coming up with other, more plausible explanations.

"Shopping carts roll around all the time. Especially if the foundation isn’t 100 per cent flat," one person said.

"The cart is most likely strings," another suggested.

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