Spine Doctors Are In Agreement That This Is The One Bag You Should Never, Ever Use

Spine Doctors Are In Agreement That This Is The One Bag You Should Never, Ever Use

As someone who likes to be prepared for anything, I typically travel with a full purse. I fill my tote bag with a spare sweater in case I get cold, a large water bottle so I’m never thirsty, sunscreen for reapplying, a makeup bag for touch-ups, plus all the usual suspects including my wallet, sunglasses, keys and more. When I worked in an office, I also toted a laptop daily (in addition to everything listed above).

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Improper bag use can have serious health consequences.

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Spine doctors always avoid heavy one-shoulder bags.

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Dr. Jordanna Clarfield-Henry, a doctor of chiropractic with Health Haven Clinic in Toronto, echoed those sentiments. “The worst characteristics for a bag, leading to potential damage to your back, often involve poor ergonomic design and improper weight distribution,” she explained. “Carrying a bag over one shoulder rather than evenly distributing the weight across both shoulders can cause spinal misalignment and strain.”

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Backpacks are better than totes and shoulder bags, but only if you use them properly.

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The best bag is something lightweight that evenly distributes its load.

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