What did Stu do? Sophie Monk hints at ‘different morals’

Bianca Soldani

In a teary interview last night, Sophie Monk opened up about her split with Stu Laundy.

But there was one cryptic comment she made that suggested the real reason for their breakup has yet to be revealed.

Sitting down with A Current Affair, the 38-year-old was reluctant to go into too much detail, but said that she and publican Stu clashed because they have ‘different morals’.

An emotional Sophie Monk confesses she clashed with Stu Laundy over their 'different morals'. Photo: Nine

She only elaborated to say, “I'd love to [go into more detail] but I know there's children involved.”

“I feel like I do owe them a proper explanation but I have to protect people around me and children.”
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Her remarks have sparked speculation as to what ‘immoral’ action would be upsetting to the children in their lives – whether that refers to Sophie’s nieces and nephews, or Stu’s four children.

Sophie is holding back to 'protect people around me and children'. Photo: Instagram

While the relationship seemed rosy while they were filming The Bachelorette, Sophie said things started going downhill as soon as they moved off set.

“Afterwards, after you go out into the real world, I just realised we’re so different,” she explained.

“You're in a bubble when you come out of that [show].”

The actual breakup happened while the couple were skiing in Canada, with Sophie explaining that the holiday spelt the end for them.

“You get to know someone on a holiday,” she said, “You clash when you’ve got different morals.”

She said things were different between them when they finished filming Bachelorette. Photo: Ten

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