The sweet story behind Sophie Monk's budget makeup line

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Sophie Monk's budget beauty line is trying to bring better makeup at a lower price. Photo: Getty Images

Sophie Monk has never done things by the book, so it came as no surprise when she decided to launch a beauty line, which she did in her own, unusual, way.

Launched as of last week, the star has collaborated with brand MCoBeauty for a Sophie Monk line, and the affordable cosmetics come with a surprisingly sweet story behind them.

“I grew up without much money, I just wanted nice things like my friends had, and I didn’t,” she said at the launch of the line.

Sophie explained in an Instagram post that as a teen she would make her own lipstick with food colouring and Vaseline, would traumatise her skin with harsh eyeliners, and was left utterly frustrated at what was on offer.

She doesn’t hold back in her assessment of what is on offer for those who can’t afford the higher-end brands either, using a few choice words to sum up the quality a shopper can find for a bargain price.

“I (want to) be a part of something that’s affordable and good quality because all the other ones are sh*t. I’m sorry but they are,” she said.

She reiterated her point to Yahoo Lifestyle, saying: “In Australia, there’s nothing like it. Any price point near it, I wouldn’t bother buying it,” she said.

Now, her line is live, and with nothing over $20 she’s giving girls the options her teenage self never had.

“I really wanted to put out a good lipgloss and good makeup at an affordable price because it didn’t feel like it was fair for me when I grew up,” she said.

Love Island around the corner

Sophie is gearing up for Love Island with a new love of her own. Photo: Nine

The passion project comes ahead of the star’s second stint at the helm of Love Island, which she predicts will be better even than the UK series which went global this year.

“It’s like a cult thing... if you watch it you will get hooked,” she promises.

“I think it’s better,” she even says. “I like (the Aussie) personality is better, we’re down to earth.”

Not that entering the Love Island competition is on the cards for the former Bachelorette, who is going into the island life loved up after her own tumultuous stint in reality TV love land.

“Last year I was watching them fall in love and I was like.. well I’m not,” she admits. “But this year I am so it’s a bit easier to.”

The TV personality and her boyfriend are loved uand ready to tie the knot. Photo: Instagram/joshuargross

She is referring of course to her boyfriend, Joshua Gross, who she has publicly stepped out with this year, and even said she is ready to marry.

“I’m lucky that he just gets it, he understands work,” she says. “He’s a perfect balance he doesn’t love what I do, in that he wants to be on TV, but he doesn’t resent it where it’s going to be annoying.”

She says that’s something that has been very tricky to find up until now.

“That’s a hard thing for me sometimes,” she says. “People want profile, and sometimes that’s what they’re after and they’re not after me.”

“I know he’s not after that because, well, he’s awesome.”

MCoBeauty by Sophie Monk is available online now.

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