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Sonos' Black Friday sale takes 20 percent off its soundbars and smart speakers

Discounts include the Sonos Roam SL for $127 and $150 off a Sonos Sub.

Sonos has rolled out its Black Friday sale for the year, taking 20 percent off a range of its wireless soundbars, speakers, and subwoofers. It's still Sonos, so some of the discounted devices are still on the expensive side. But deals of any kind on Sonos speakers are uncommon, making this a good opportunity to save if you've been looking to expand an existing Sonos system or try out the company's connected audio gear for the first time.

Shop Sonos Black Friday sale

Here's a full list of the deals available in the sale, which runs through November 28th:

All of these devices deliver a relatively clean and balanced sound profile, but the main appeal of any Sonos speaker remains the ability to easily link it to other Sonos devices in one connected audio system. We gave the Arc a review score of 85 back in 2020: It's the company's largest soundbar and its most expansive, particularly with Dolby Atmos content. The Beam also supports Atmos, but since it's smaller and lacks the Arc's upward-firing drivers, it can't deliver quite as much detail or bass power. Like the Arc, it's also limited to one HDMI eARC port. It's easier to fit alongside a smaller TV, though. We gave it a score of 88 last year. Not included in the sale is the entry-level Ray soundbar; that one is more compact and a step down sonically, but it's priced at $279.

The Sub, meanwhile, is a powerful wireless subwoofer that greatly improves any Sonos soundbar's bass performance, though it comes at a high cost, even at this deal price. Again, Sonos sells a more compact and affordable option in the $429 Sonos Sub Mini, but that model isn't included in the sale.

We gave the Sonos One a score of 90 when it launched back in 2017; it remains a solid audio-focused alternative to smart speakers from Amazon and Google, albeit a bit less adept at voice control. Both the One and the One SL can be used as surrounds when paired with a Sonos soundbar, too. The Roam/Roam SL and Move, meanwhile, are the only truly wireless speakers Sonos makes, as well as the only Sonos devices to support Bluetooth audio. The Move sounds better, but the Roam is significantly more compact. We gave the Move a review score of 80 in 2019 and the Roam a score of 87 last year.

There are plenty other soundbars, portable speakers, and smart speakers that cost less or perform just as well without locking you into one ecosystem, and it's worth remembering that Sonos hiked the prices of some of these devices last year. Still, this sale makes the company's lineup a little more approachable.

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