Sonic Unveils New Drink Menu Item That's a Perfect Summer Treat

Close up of Sonic restaurant drive-in logo on store front, northern Idaho. (Photo by: Don & Melinda Crawford/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Sonic customers say they “can’t wait” to try a new drink that is expected to arrive on menus just in time for summer.

Sonic’s new drink announcement follows another dessert drink that the fast food chain unveiled last month. While the Oreo-inspired shake is already available for customers to order, Sonic's new orange-flavored drink is expected to arrive at restaurant locations across the U.S. next month.

Despite the new beverage’s anticipated May launch, food blogger Markie Devo revealed that some locations are unveiling the new treat a few days early.

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The drink in question is called the Orange Cloudsicle Slush Float. An image that Devo shared on Instagram spotlights a tall glass filled with a bright orange boba-infused liquid. It features orange vanilla boba, a frozen slush mix, soft serve and a special orange cloudsicle syrup, according to details included on the image that Devo attributed to a Sonic employee.

For those who really want to treat themselves, the drink can be ordered with a whipped cream topping. Devo’s image indicates that orange vanilla boba will also be sprinkled on top of the whipped cream for those who request it.

The beverage is already drawing comparisons to a new Frosty flavor that Wendy’s announced last month. Wendy’s Orange Dreamsicle Frosty, which is on menus for a limited time, also features an orange flavor “for a dreamy orange cream experience,” according to a press release that Wendy’s issued in March.

Many Sonic fans appeared excited as they anticipated testing out the new Orange Cloudsicle Slush Float.

“Oh this sounds pretty great,” one Instagram user said as another agreed that it looks "amazing.”

“I’ll likely be trying this out,” one person wrote.

“I want this NOW!! Sounds incredible lol,” another fan said.

Though most who weighed in with their thoughts on Sonic’s forthcoming summer treat seemed excited, one person bemoaned the loss of another slush float that was once on Sonic menus.

“[I]f only sonic will bring back the lemon berry slush float… the only good one they had 😭,” the Instagram user wrote.

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