This Sonic Secret Menu Item Feels So Wrong But Tastes So Good

At least according to fans of the new viral treat.



Just when we thought we had tried it all, fermented food fans are requesting their pickles right in their drink orders. Why? A Mississippi mom filmed herself ordering pickles with her Dr Pepper at a Sonic Drive-In to reveal a drink hack that’s now dividing the internet. In the video, which has racked up 3.9 million views to date, the mom asks, “Do y’all like pickles? Do y’all like Dr Pepper?”

The concoction posted on TikTok by Jenny Smith, aka @mississippimemaw, shows pickles added right into her beloved beverage.

The creator encourages others to try the flavor combination with, "Don't knock it till you try it." She claims that if you like your Dr Pepper and pickles separately, you'll probably like them together in one takeout order from the drive-thru.

The Viral Pickles + Dr Pepper Order From Sonic

What do Sonic employees think of this unique order? One worker was flabbergasted after getting the request for a Dr Pepper with pickles in it. TikTok user @siren.scream expressed her surprise at the orders starting to come in. “I’ve had three people order pickles in their Dr Pepper today,” text overlaid on the clip read. “What is happening?”

On siren.scream's video comments, several users came up with theories about the drink combination’s origin. “Dr Pepper pickle flavor came out in a few states,” user TheHateYouDeserve wrote. “That’s what happened.”

Others said their pickle social media groups have exploded with conversations about the drink mix. “I’m in a pickle group on FB and that’s all they are talking about,” says user Kiwi. “This pickle lovers group I’m in has been posting about doing this. It's a new trend,” says another person.

On the flip side, there are a number of  Dr Pepper drinkers who are not as interested in introducing the pickle flavor to the drink experience. “I like pickles and Dr Pepper, but you will never catch me mixing them,” one user wrote.

The Dr Pepper Pucker

According to Dr Pepper’s website, the soda comes in a variety of flavors—but pickle does not appear to be on the list. Available flavors include original, Cherry, Strawberries & Cream, Cream Soda, and Cherry Vanilla. Plus the new Creamy Coconut.

Social media users have circulated the conversation with comments and videos using the hashtags #sonic, #pickles and #Drpepper. Some say the drink has a name: the “Dr Pepper Pucker.”

In doing some digging about this topic, it appears Sonic dabbled in the idea of a pickle-flavored drink back in 2022 when the restaurant offered fluorescent green slushies that mixed pickle juice flavor with a mix of sweet and tart flavors.

These days, the “pickle-in-your-pop drink” trend has people who are on board with the idea and those who are hesitant to dunk and drink.

Dennis Malloy and Judi Franco are longtime radio hosts on New Jersey 101.5 on weekdays. They often discuss food and recipes they make at home. A popular topic with their call-in audience is odd food combinations discussed on social media. Allrecipes gave them a call, and they suggested that the type of pickle would make a difference. “Is it a sweet pickle or a sour pickle?” asked Judi.

Their verdict on Dr Pepper and pickles together? “How about we give it a try and then let you know?” said Dennis.

Allrecipes also spoke with a rep from Sonic who was enthusiastic about customers experimenting with flavors and menu items: “While the 'Dr Pepper Pucker' is not an official drink on Sonic's menu, we appreciate and encourage the creativity of our fans. From the newest Orange Cloudsicle Slush Float to our beloved Dirty Drinks and the Pickle Juice Slush, we are no stranger to fun and unexpected flavor combinations at Sonic. And who knows...If your drink innovation is popular enough, it might just end up on our menu!”

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