Sonic Is Giving Its Fries A Facelift For The First Time In A Decade

Sonic groovy fries on teal background
Sonic groovy fries on teal background - Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-In has a far-out announcement for loyal customers — though it previously offered its tater tots with barbecue seasoning for a limited time, the chain is updating its fries for the first time in ten years. Sonic will soon launch groovy fries, a side that's (literally) as groovy as it sounds. This new menu item has a wavy, crinkle-cut, which makes it even easier to scoop up your favorite dips and sauces.

Speaking of dips and sauces, Sonic pairs the fries with groovy sauce, which you can get for free when you ask for it with your side. These new items will roll out in mid-May throughout the country, with prices varying depending on where you're located.The Vice President of Culinary and Menu Innovation at SONIC, Mackenzie Gibson, stated in a press release, "With the new Groovy Fries, we're redefining what a fast-food fry can be and giving folks another reason to say yes, I would like fries with that."

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What To Look Forward To With The New Offering

Sonic drinks and tater tots
Sonic drinks and tater tots - Sara Jaye/Getty Images

What really makes these fries stand out is their deep crinkle. The crevices are perfect for scooping up sauce, getting you the proper dip-to-fry ratio in each bite. They also have a classic crunchy exterior that adds texture to your meal and helps keep the fries warm. As for the sauce, this dip is a blend of ranch and sriracha, making it creamy with just a touch of spice.

The result is a winning combination that's set to give other sides on the Sonic menu a run for their money. Mackenzie Gibson explained in the press release, "Our SONIC Tots are iconic, but we thought it was time to give them some competition."

To add intrigue, Sonic Drive-In has stated that it will announce other future surprises. Perhaps it will bring back its limited-edition peanut butter bacon burger, or possibly, there will be more new creative menu items to try out. For now, you'll just have to pull through the drive-in this May to see what the hype is all about.

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