Sofia Vergara Finally Opens Up About What Led to Her Divorce

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is opening up about what led to the end of her marriage with Joe Manganiello.

In a new interview with Spanish-language daily newspaper El País, which was published on Monday, Jan. 15, the Modern Family star talked about her previous relationship, giving insight into why they ultimately decided to go their separate ways.

"Well, I’m newly divorced from my second husband, who I was with for 10 years," Vergara told the publication.

The former couple originally tied the knot on Nov. 22, 2015. She was previously married to her high school sweetheart, Joe Gonzalez, with whom she welcomed her only child, son Manolo, in 1991. They divorced two years later.

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From the looks of it, though, the topic of motherhood is actually a huge reason why the Four Brothers actress and Manganiello decided to divorce. "My marriage broke up because my husband was younger; he wanted to have kids and I didn’t want to be an old mom. I feel it’s not fair to the baby," she said, adding, "I respect whoever does it, but that’s not for me anymore. I had a son at 19, who is now 32, and I’m ready to be a grandmother, not a mother."

The Griselda star doubled down on her stance that she's no longer open to having more kids. "So, if love comes along, he has to come with [his own] children. I’m almost in menopause; it’s the natural way of things. When my son becomes a dad, let him bring the baby to me for a while and then I’ll give it back to him and go on with my life; that’s what I have to do," the actress admitted.

The 51-year-old and True Blood alum announced their split in July 2023.

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