Snorting chocolate new way to hit party high

Chocolate. It’s your go-to for beating breakups, fueling Netflix binges and life-saving 3pm vending machine raids.

Now add wild nights out to its list of magical powers thanks to a new craze sweeping Europe, where all the cool kids are snorting – yep, you read that right – raw cocoa for that buzzy high.

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Berlin club Alchemy & Eros even has “local artisans” providing raw cacao, in powdered, pill and liquid form, to keep clubbers going during their all-night raves. Organiser Ruby May says she mixes 10 kilograms of cocoa with honey, agave syrup and cinnamon for punters, claiming: “It's like a smooth, sensual hug in a cup.”

Dominique Persoone has invented a chocolate inhaler. Photo: YouTube
Dominique Persoone has invented a chocolate inhaler. Photo: YouTube

Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone has even invented a $60 device to make inhaling easier.

While experts say chocolate helps give you a rush of endorphins, and contains magnesium to relax your muscles, it might be wise to take this new trend with a healthy sense of scepticism.

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With reports it’s merely a placebo effect, we’ll stick to using our chocolate the old fashioned way thanks - binge eating an entire block while watching The Notebook.