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Snapchat's latest feature helps you maintain your streaks if you miss one

Snap offers one free restore but will let paying subscribers pause for longer.


A lot of users were obsessed with keeping up Snapstreaks after they launched, even maintaining streaks in the hundreds with several friends. Their popularity may have waned a little, because life can get in the way, but Snap has launched an experimental feature that could make it easier to keep things on track if you miss a day. Now, you can simply tap Restore to pretend that painful experience never happened.

The catch is that, users will only get one free Snap Restore. As TechCrunch notes, if you want to prevent more Snapstreaks from going to waste, you'll have to buy more Restores from the app for $1 each in the US. In its announcement, the company also said that it's introducing a new way for Snapchat+ subscribers to freeze their Streaks for long periods "soon." While it didn't expound on how the feature will work, Snap said it will allow users to put "things on pause when they know they’re going off the grid."

These feature announcements come shortly after Snap added an OpenAI chatbot similar to ChatGPT to its app. The chatbot shows up as a regular user profile, probably to make it look more like a virtual friend, though Snap admits it could "be tricked into saying just about anything" and has even apologized for its "many deficiencies" in advance. At the moment, the chatbot is exclusively available to Snapchat+ users paying $4 a month for the service, but the company has plans to make it more widely available.