Sliced Avocado Is The Easy Way To Add Creamy Texture To Fish Tacos

fried fish tacos with avocado slices and onions
fried fish tacos with avocado slices and onions - Leo Caman/Shutterstock

Fish tacos are refreshing and satisfying, not to mention extremely versatile. With so many types of tacos available for inspiration, the format of a fish taco can be changed up almost infinitely, from the shell to the seasonings. Perhaps the most fun to play around with, though, are the toppings — the choice of which can make or break the quality of your meal. If you're looking for a new topping to try with fish tacos, we recommend using avocado for something rich and luxurious.

Salmon and avocado pair particularly well; in addition to being a one-two punch of satisfying and nutritious ingredients packed with beneficial fats, they also balance each other's flavors perfectly. The umami taste and flaky texture of the fish are complemented by the smooth, creamy consistency and slightly nutty, vegetal notes found in the avocado, with the contrast between the two creating a well-rounded dining experience. This is further emphasized by the fact that fat acts as an enhancer for many other flavors, so even with leaner fish, the addition of fat-heavy avocado will elevate and intensify the flavors with which it is paired.

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Picking And Preparing Avocado

woman slicing avocado
woman slicing avocado - Azmanl/Getty Images

When adding avocado to your fish tacos, it's important to pick produce of the highest quality. A good avocado is buttery and soft, while a bad one is bitter, grainy, or stringy. To pick a high quality avocado, look for one that is dark green with no dents. It should also yield slightly to pressure without feeling mushy. If you plan on buying avocados more than a day ahead of cooking, choose brighter green, firmer ones so that they do not over-ripen by the time they are used. When topping your tacos with avocado, slice the fruit lengthwise into thin strips so that the slices fit securely into your taco shell.

Once you have selected your avocados, you can experiment with all types of fish combinations. Salmon is a favorite of ours — as seen in these fried salmon tacos — but also worth trying are these beer-battered whitefish tacos, swordfish tacos, and even seared tuna tacos. All of these are delicious on their own, and even more so with the addition of this creamy, beautifully green topping.

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