Sleeping mom is woken up by ‘something huge’ crawling inside her sweatpants: ‘A terrifying experience’

A mom woke up from a deep sleep in a state of terror — and her hilarious retelling of the experience is going viral on TikTok.

The mom, Jordyn Burdette, gained nearly 75,000 views. 14,000 likes and 500 comments when she uploaded the storytime video to her account.

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As Jordyn explains in her video, she was peacefully slumbering when she felt “something huge” crawling inside her sweatpants.

Terrified, the mom began swatting at her back and legs, desperately trying to figure out what had made its way into her pants.

“I was freaking totally out. … I think it’s an animal attacking me, but I wasn’t ruling out a person,” she recalls.

Suddenly, as she’s clawing at her pants, her hand lands upon a clump of curly hair — revealing the plight of every parent: personal space.

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‘I am sobbing…’

TikTok parents from around the world shared their reactions to Jordyn’s story in the comments.

“What is personal space anymore😂😂,” one user laughed.

“He said ‘these are OUR pants,'” another user joked.

“They think they have to be as close as humanly possible at all times 😭,” one parent cried.

“Well if this didn’t just sum up motherhood I don’t know what would 😂😂😂,” commented another parent.

“The funniest part for me is you slept thru him getting into your pants! That’d be me!” laughed another user.

“I am sobbing. children are so strange 😂,” another comment read.

Jordyn’s video proves that, when children are involved, it’s always best to sleep with one eye open.

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