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Skullcandy updates Crusher ANC headphones with more battery life and better bass

They also cost less than the OG model.


Skullcandy is refreshing its popular Crusher ANC headphones with a second-generation model that brings plenty of new features to the table, all at a lower price. Perhaps the biggest improvement with this iteration is the battery life, as these headphones get up to 60 hours of life with active noise cancellation disabled and 50 hours with ANC enabled. The 2019 original version of the Crusher ANC headphones maxed out at 24 hours of juice per charge.

The Crusher line has been widely praised for its bass-heavy audio response and the new ANC headphones continue this tradition. The exterior boasts a rotary dial for adjusting the bass on the fly, with the options to zero in on a specific number or choose from a variety of presets. You can also use the Skull-iQ app to create your own presets that transfer over to the headphones.

These are modern headphones so they ship with modern features like hands-free voice control, multipoint pairing, Bluetooth 5.2 and a dedicated button to launch Spotify. It also sports a quad-microphone design that Skullcandy says increases the efficacy of ANC, in addition to allowing for a transparent ambient mode.

This is the second version of the Crusher ANC, despite several Crusher models without active noise cancellation, so you’d expect a price increase to accompany the added features. Instead, the opposite is true. The new Crusher ANC 2 headphones cost $230, which is $90 cheaper than the original’s $320 asking price.

The new design looks similar to the old one, but the materials appear to be of a slightly higher quality. The Crusher ANC headphones are available today directly from the company.