Skull And Bones - How To Get Padewakang Ship Blueprint


In Skull and Bones, you can become the biggest pirate the world has ever seen, but what good is it if you’re not doing it while steering a cool ship? The game’s beginning won’t do you any favours in that department, so you’ll have to look for some higher-tier ships quite fast. Thankfully, the Padewakang ship will have you covered with its moderate stats in terms of reliability, gun power and customizable slots.

The Padewakang ship is the first major Bombardier ship you can get in the game, and this is how you can find and craft it.

Skull and Bones Padewakang Ship Blueprint Location

You'll need to sail to Telok Penjarah to buy the Padewakang ship blueprint.<p>Ubisoft</p>
You'll need to sail to Telok Penjarah to buy the Padewakang ship blueprint.


To buy the blueprint for the Padewakang, you'll first need to navigate to Telok Penjarah. This can be found in the East Indies region on the map, south of Fort Harimau.

Once at the location, you can buy the ship's blueprints from the shipwright's store for 5280 silver. However, you can only get access to the shipwright if you've reached the Brigand infamy rank. We suggest levelling up a bit by getting the right crafting materials and completing other missions like destroying enemy vessels.

How To Build The Padewakang Ship

Once you've bought the blueprint, simply build the ship using the following resources:

  • 2880 Silver

  • 15 Steel Ingot

  • 15 Fine Ramie

  • 4 Shellac

  • 4 Crude Saltpeter

  • 19 Ironwood Plank

And there you have it, the first bombardier ship is now a part of your fleet. Have fun decimating and plundering other pirates!

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Skull and Bones is out now on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles.