Skittles' Worst Product Ever, According to Basically Everyone

Fans say it tastes like "medicine and regret."

Skittles has given us some interesting products over the years. Skittles gummies gave us its popular flavors in chewy form, and we were all about Skittles-flavored freezer pops during the hot summer months.

This brand also thought mustard-flavored Skittles could be a thing. While not all of their unique creations have been successful with fans, nothing disappoints quite as much as the product many are calling the worst yet.

Skittles' Cotton Candy

This product is exactly how it sounds. It offers the same Skittles flavors we know (and usually love) but in pink cotton candy form. We found the product at Walmart online for $3.12 per 3.1-ounce bag, but we also couldn’t help but notice the reviews. With a rating of only two out of five stars, we were curious to see what exactly people didn’t like about the Skittles Cotton Candy.

One reviewer said it "tastes like medicine and regret," while another added that these were "not good." Another person said, "Taste like every flavored skittle sitting in your mouth creating a liquid slurry type of drink. It tastes nasty."

Regarding the texture, one disgruntled person said, "There's an after-taste that's icky, the consistency is nothing like cotton candy...would not suggest this to anyone." Someone else went as far as to say it was the "worst thing I ever ate in my life."

Shoppers who purchased the product on Amazon also had a lot to say, including how "gross" it is and that it is "not great cotton candy." Another person articulated, "It tasted like medicine," while another said, "Taste like Skittles, soaked in bleach."

Despite so many lackluster reviews, you can decide for yourself if Skittles' newest creation is worth trying or if it will be another to earn a place in the brand's "hall of shame."

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