Sisters go viral on TikTok for fixing a DIY bangs haircut gone wrong

sisters viral tiktok diy bangs haircut
Sisters go viral on TikTok for DIY bangs haircut@palmview956 - Hearst Owned

If you've never cut your own fringe at one point in time, we applaud your restraint. The urge to resist the temptation to pick up the scissors and cut your own DIY bangs is huge, especially when you are at school. Well, two sisters have gone viral on TikTok for doing just that, before picture day, no less.

The video has gained over a million views and has been described as a "coming-of-age story" by many. I mean, it's certainly a journey. The video initially starts off with one sister doing a 'get unready with me' video and quickly turns into a hair recovery mission.

After an ear-damaging scream, her younger sister runs into the room with a questionable DIY bangs haircut that's gone terribly wrong. As an older sister does, she comes to the rescue and starts to attempt to rectify the problem at hand.

Thanks to her impromptu hair-cutting skills, the hair is recovered and actually looks...pretty good. If the older sister doesn't get into hairdressing when she's grown up, it would be a missed opportunity.

The rollercoaster five-minute video has since gone viral and gained comments such as the below:

"Swore I'd never watch a TikTok video longer than a minute, but this was cinema. 'what have you done to my life?' had me crying."

"CINEMA! eldest sister fixing everything, a mother’s senses being tricked, coming of age media reference, universal experience of bribing the tattletale youngest, deathly suspenseful moments of quiet, the middle sisters’ betrayal… they all need EGOTs."

"Being the eldest daughter is a full-time job. It requires us to take care of everyone and undo their mistakes. This highlights the essential role that eldest daughters often play in guiding and supporting their younger counterparts, showcasing their compassion &responsibilities."

As an older sibling, if you know, you know.

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