TikTok is obsessed with single dad's 'sweet' dating ad posting: 'What a kind gesture'

When a single dad was looking for some new romance, he knew exactly where to go: TikTok.

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Ohio father @chrisc1978 planned to take his daughter and a friend to the theme park King’s Island at the end of September. He hoped to have a date for the outing, so he decided to shoot his shot on social media. And his video was definitely unique.

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“I am a single — divorced — 44-year-old dad from Ohio. I’m looking for a single woman preferably 34 years old — at least 34 years old,” he said, stammering.

He added that he hoped the woman would be a non-smoker, a roller coaster lover and “as much fun as me!”

“Don’t let the gray hair and the beard fool you. I also have the dad-bod to go with it. If this isn’t enough incentive, this also comes with a Fast Lane Plus pass, so we can skip the roller coaster lines all day long,” he joked.

The dad’s video racked up 2.7 million views, and he even got some “serious inquiries.”

In a follow-up video, the father explained it was “80% for fun, 20% for real” and thanked everyone for sharing his message. He also found a woman to go on a date with. On top of that, he received a comment from another woman.

“I’m a widow… I have 2 little boys.. I’m 34 years old.. I don’t smoke! I’m down for this handsome,” she wrote.

Her message received 5,338 likes. While the dad didn’t choose her to go on a date, he did promise to sponsor a trip to King’s Island for the woman and her two boys. He also announced he would pick a new family to sponsor every year.

“Literally crying?? You’re so sweet. I wish I had a father figure that treated women/families the way you do,” a person said.

“I’m absolutely in awe. Whoever raised you should be so proud. Your daughter is very lucky,” another wrote.

“What a kind gesture to an absolute stranger!!!!!! You sir have set the bar!” a TikToker replied.

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