Inspiring message behind Aussie singer's bikini dance

Kristine Tarbert
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The front woman from Sheppard isn't afraid to show some skin. Photos: Instagram/amysheppardpie

Aussie singer Amy Sheppard isn’t afraid to show off some skin, and she’s doing it for the best reason.

The front woman from Sheppard shared a clip of herself dancing in a bikini without a care with her 56k followers on Instagram, and it’s sparked a huge response.

"Woman dances freely in a bikini, gives no f*%cks and lives happily ever after," she captioned the post.

The video, which included the hashtag #kissmyfatass, has received almost 30k likes.

“You’re so inspirational, I don’t know what I would do without the one and only Amy Sheppard,” one person commented on the clip.

“You are an absolute LEGEND!!!! I love what you are doing for all women,” another wrote.

“Okay I LOVE this. Have been feeling fat and criticising my belly every day but I need to stop!!! And accept who I am today,” was another response.

The singer has started a body positive movement online. Photo: Instagram/amysheppardpie

Starting a movement

The 28-year-old regularly shares captions and photos as part of her ‘kiss my fat ass’ movement, which is aimed at calling out the ridiculous beauty expectations put on women.

Just the other week she posted a photo showing the reality behind many of the toned photos you see on Instagram.

“Don’t compare yourself to those gym selfies guys,” she wrote.

“Me and also me,” she captioned another similar image, which received over 200 comments. “Same girl, same day, same minute, same weight.”

Earlier this year, Amy opened up about the pressure that came from “trying to maintain this standard of beauty that was essentially unobtainable”.

"You are subjected to lots of negative comments and just people noticing changes about your body, so you're on display and you're there to be judged, which is quite difficult,” she told 9Honey in April.

Now however, she has learned to accept her body and is hoping she can inspire others to do the same with her honest words online.

“My face when someone tries to sell me ‘cellulite curing’ body wraps #kissmyfatass,” she said on another recent caption.

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