Simplify Your Shopping for Weekend Cookouts — This Walmart Bundle Feeds 8 for $50

And it includes sweet treats too.

<p>Food & Wine / Walmart</p>

Food & Wine / Walmart

Seemingly every major retailer is competing for consumers’ attention and wallet share in advance of Memorial Day Weekend. Target, for example, just announced a summer price reduction on 5,000 commonly shopped items, so customers can “​​find compelling prices no matter their budget.” Aldi has also announced an all-summer-long sale on 250 top items, because, as its president said, “We don’t want food prices to hold people back from getting together with friends and family or spending time outdoors this season.”

And now, Walmart has entered the chat: The Arkansas-based retail giant has rolled out a summer cookout bundle designed to feed at least eight people for about $6 per person, with one-click ordering for pickup or delivery.

This is not so much a summer sale event like Aldi or Target is currently offering, but rather an offering of convenience. Walmart’s prices are already low, so the one-click functionality of this summer bundle is the added value — and for the frazzled party host, that’s no small thing.

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The shopping list includes 15 suggested items, among them hot dogs, buns, potato salad, corn on the cob, popsicles, chips, baked beans, condiments, chocolate chip cookies, and multiple beverages. Next to each item, you can toggle the quantity, adjusting to feed your group of eight (or however many you plan to entertain). If you already have condiments on hand, you can strike them from the list and, say, add on more cookies or soda. After each adjustment, the subtotal automatically adjusts. Once the list looks good, you can click to “Add all to cart.” (The list will indicate in advance which items, if any, are out of stock.)

And there are some caveats, of course, since this summertime bundle satisfies one very classic set of parameters for a cookout but might not include everything you need for hosting an event. For one thing, it lists hot dogs as the only protein, without the ability to swap. You can subtract items from the list or select a higher quantity of any item listed as part of the bundle, but it appears that you can’t sub in something that isn’t there. So if you want burgers, say, you’ll have to add them à la carte to your cart. The same goes for any vegetarian alternatives; you’ll want to serve your non-carnivorous guests something slightly more substantial than a plate of Lay’s potato chips and chocolate chip cookies.

Speaking of plates, the bundle also doesn’t include any non-food accoutrements, such as plates, napkins, and utensils. However, the cookout bundle isn’t the only one-stop shopping list on the Walmart website: the Grill, Chill, Enjoy collection does include items such as a foil grilling pan, plastic cups, a disposable tablecloth, and even an Igloo cooler and beverage dispenser. This bundle starts at $90, but you can remove the high-ticket items if you already have them on hand.

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Walmart also provides this disclaimer: “Listed price covers featured item prices only. Additional pick-up, shipping or delivery fees from $0–$19.95 may apply, are subject to change, and will be disclosed prior to purchase.” While you won’t get slapped with a surprise line item on your bill, you’ll want to double-check the actual total once you click through to the payment page and make sure it’s the amount you wish to spend.

Summer cookouts should be a low-key affair, and no host should feel the twinge of panic upon realizing there’s no relish for the hot dogs. Curated online shopping lists are a great way to alleviate hosting anxieties, and Walmart is getting pretty good at them.

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