The Simple Hook Hack That Makes Kitchen Garbage Duty So Much Easier

throwing food into trash in kitchen
throwing food into trash in kitchen - New Africa/Shutterstock

The kind of garbage bag you use can significantly impact how easy it is to manage and handle your kitchen trash. For example, the more expensive ones are typically made out of a stronger material designed to withstand tears, and you can also get ones that feature an odor-resistant coating. But regardless of the bag's quality, there's one problem that seems to persist: Slipping. When you put in something extra heavy, the weight can often bring down the sides of the bag. Typically people use grippers to hold the sides in place, but these are essentially large rubber bands that can easily snap, leading to frequent replacements.

A much more reliable solution, popularized by TikTok cook Babs Costello, who often shares helpful tips and hacks, involves using command hooks. As shown in the viral video, by placing two command hooks on the sides of your bin, you can securely hook the drawstrings of the garbage bag onto them. This simple hack keeps the bag firmly in place, ensuring it only comes off when you're ready to remove the trash.

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There's A Right And A Wrong Way To Do This Hack

hooking drawstring of garbage bag
hooking drawstring of garbage bag - TikTok/brunchwithbabs

Using command hooks is a highly effective way to keep your trash bag secured, provided it's done correctly. The placement and orientation of the command hooks are critical. When hanging anything else, you would place command hooks with the hook pointing upwards, but for securing a garbage bag, it's more effective to install them upside down. This orientation ensures that the drawstring catches properly, preventing the bag from slipping off.

It's probably obvious that the hooks should be positioned on the sides of the bin, but as Babs Costello, also known as Brunch with Babs, demonstrated, placing them specifically halfway down is ideal. This middle positioning allows you to slightly pull the drawstring out, ensuring that the sides of the bag fit snugly against the edge of the bin. A higher placement of the hooks still works, but it doesn't create as taut and secure of a fit. For the best results, also ensure that you clean any grime from the area where the command strip will be applied, ensuring a more reliable hold.

Modifications For Other Types Of Garbage Bins And Bags

person pulling trash bag out
person pulling trash bag out - New Africa/Shutterstock

The command hook hack is particularly suited for rectangular garbage bins and garbage bags that have a drawstring, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to pull off if you have a round garbage bin or prefer using bags without a drawstring.

For round garbage bins, opt for a skinnier or smaller command hook instead, as they will be able to lie completely flat against the bin's curved surface, unlike larger or circular-shaped hooks. You can also opt for multiple tiny hooks instead, but keep in mind they usually have a weaker adhesive that might not withstand the tension applied each time the bag is unhooked and removed.

If you're using a bag without a drawstring, you'll need to opt for the clip version of command hooks, which can clip the bag directly instead of hooking onto the drawstring. If you can't find command clips, you can also use binder clips. No matter what type of trashcan you have, you can make this hack work in your favor. Next up, check out this trick for fixing smelly ice cube trays.

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