The simple hack Sophie Monk uses to stop herself gaining weight

Sophie Monk has revealed the simple hack she uses to keep her slim figure in tact.

It’s all in the power of her clothes, well the zipper part any way.

There’s one simple motto the Love Island Australia host goes by and that’s “zippers don’t lie and you can’t argue with a zipper,” she told myBody+Soul in a recent interview.

While she was out in Spain filming the popular dating show, the former Bachelorette star used that exact hack to stop herself from gaining weight.

“I’ve got a stylist here and she’s only got my dresses in my size,” she told told the publication.

The 38-year-old has “no choice” but “to stay healthy” as her stylist can’t just “run back to Australia and swap all the clothes”.

“Sometimes the zip goes up a bit tight and I’m like please, please, suck it all in,” she admitted.

In terms of her diet she stays pretty healthy, often opting for fish and veggies but, of course, she’s human and loves to indulge in pizza and ice cream from time to time.

The presenter insisted it’s all about “balance”.

Amen to that.

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