'Late Show' Makes Its Own Super Bowl Ad To Trash An Annoying Trend

The “Late Show” on Thursday dragged the current crop of Super Bowl commercials that are playing it safe. (Watch the video below.)

Variety reported earlier this week that brands are petrified of incurring consumer wrath, like Bud Light did. Conservatives boycotted the beer because trans activist Dylan Mulvaney promoted it on Instagram. So lots of companies are aiming to be as controversy-free as possible in their ads for Sunday’s game.

But there’s a risk in trying to avert risk, which the talk show illustrated in its in its biting spoof ad:

“Looking for a beer that has no agenda, then try Neutral Light,” a peppy announcer says. “Just one sip and you’ll say, ‘Mmm, I feel nothing.’ Neutral Light is an adequate beer to share with friends that are gay or straight, or not gay or straight. Whatever. We’re cool with it.”

The brew’s tagline is equally unimpressive.

“Neutral Light. We agree with whatever you think.”