Shocking car park fail stuns shoppers

Nobody enjoys spending half of their Saturday morning circling a packed shopping centre car park looking for that elusive spot.

But no amount of frustration really makes pulling up in the middle of a lane acceptable.

It’s unclear whether this Melbourne driver didn’t understand where the parking spots stopped the lane started, or whether they just didn’t care and parked there anyways, but they certainly caused a stir amongst other shoppers.

Photo: Supplied

“It’s an underground carpark in a local shopping centre that’s currently undergoing renovations so parking is a bit limited at the moment,” Nelly Moylan, who spotted the parking shocker, told Be.

“I parked in a spot and did my shopping and when I came back saw this car parked right next to mine in a through lane.

“I put a post-it on their windscreen saying they hadn’t parked in an actual parking space.”

Photo: Supplied

What’s even more interesting is the car is facing the opposite way to the arrow, meaning they would have also driven the wrong way down the lane to get to that spot in the first place.

Unsurprisingly, it’s not the only shopping car park fail we’ve seen.

The image uploaded by the NSW Police on Facebook shows a sneaky Honda Jazz parking inside the return trolley bay.

“What a Jazz-y parking job. Next time you should shop around for a better spot! #trolleybae,” the image was captioned.

It left many wondering how on earth the person actually got out of their car.

One person must have decided that parking in a trolley bay was their safest bet. Source: NSW Police


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