Sharon Stone's Bumble account restored after fans thought it was fake

Sharon Stone had her Bumble account blocked. Photo: Getty

So it turns out Sharon Stone is using dating apps, and if you are surprised by that fact it seems you aren’t the only one.

It just so happens that the 61-year-old goddess was recently kicked off the dating app Bumble, after it was reported as being fake.

The actress joined the location based dating app - which allows female users to make the first contact with matched male users in heterosexual matches - before revealing that some users didn't believe she would be using the app so reported her profile,

Some might be surprised to find the 61-year-old on dating apps. Photo: Getty

She took to Twitter and Instagram to ask Bumble to reinstate her.

“I went on the @bumble dating sight and they closed my account. Some users reported that it couldn't possibly be me!” she wrote.

“Hey @bumble, is being me exclusionary ? Don't shut me out of the hive.”

Sharon also shared a picture of the message she received when her account was blocked.

It said: “You've been blocked. We're committed to keeping Bumble safe, which means we have to enforce certain rules when our values are violated. Your account has been blocked because we've received several reports about your profile being fake.”

Sharon appears to have changed her mind about dating, as last year she insisted she was no longer hoping to find a partner.

The actress admitted she spent many years hoping that one day she would no longer be a single parent to her adopted sons - 19-year-old Roan, 14-year-old Laird, and 13-year-old Quinn - but now doesn't mind staying single because she believes it's ‘better’ for her brood.

Sharon had previously said she is no longer interested in dating. Photo: Getty

“I think somewhere in the back of your mind you think maybe one day you won't be a single parent. Then, eventually you see, I think it's better. I'm no longer hoping for someone,” she said.

And she says that not having a man in her live has allowed her to teach her brood the importance of kindness.

She added: “Now, I sit down and tell them, this is where I have to teach you how to be a gentleman and a man and we're going to figure that out together. There were times that we thought maybe there would be someone else to help with that, but there isn't. So that's what we're doing now.”

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