Sharon Osbourne Is ‘Through With Weight Loss’ After Losing 42 Pounds On Ozempic

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Sharon Osbourne Discusses Weight Loss JourneyDave Benett - Getty Images

Sharon Osbourne is no longer focused on weight loss after using Ozempic. "I’ve finally become more accepting of my body, my looks," the television personality said in an interview with The Guardian on Feb. 10. "I’m through with the weight loss and all that cosmetic stuff."

While Sharon has gained a newfound self-confidence since she stopped using the weight-loss medication, she continues to struggle with gaining back some of the weight she lost. "I lost three stone [42 pounds] in four months. Too much," she wrote. "I now weigh seven stone and can’t put on weight."

In January, Sharon opened up about her recent weight loss on the U.K. talk show Loose Women. While she doesn’t regret taking the medication, she now wants to focus on maintaining a healthy weight, instead of going from one extreme to the other.

"Everything with weight with me was 'I want it now,'" Sharon said. She acknowledged that she always wanted to see results quickly, but knew that wasn't possible until she started taking weight loss injections.

"I'm just an ordinary person who got lucky and I didn't take advantage of that," she added. "I never want to forget I am blessed and been really lucky in my life."

Ahead, here's everything Sharon has shared about her weight loss journey:

Sharon started using Ozempic in 2022.

In a November 2023 interview with Daily Mail, Sharon revealed that she spent months using Ozempic, an FDA-approved prescription medication to lower blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes, in addition to diet and exercise. (Ozempic is a type of semaglutide medication, and is also approved to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, or death in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus and known heart disease, according to the FDA.)

"I started on Ozempic last December, and I’ve been off it for a while now, but my warning is don’t give it to teenagers, it’s just too easy," she told the publication. "You can lose so much weight and it’s easy to become addicted to that, which is very dangerous."

In August 2023, Sharon explained why she decided to take Ozempic on Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast. "You have a weight problem, and you’ve tried everything, and then somebody says, 'Take this injection and you’re going to be skinny,'” she said.

She also opened up about the highs and lows she experienced while on the medication. "You’re not hungry, but for me—it’s different for everybody—but for me, the first few weeks were f*cking sh*t because you just throw up all the time and feel so nauseous," she said. "After a couple of weeks, it goes, and you’re just fine. You feel fine, just not hungry."

How much weight did Sharon lose?

The Osbournes alum revealed in her November Daily Mail interview that she lost 42 pounds due to using Ozempic and "can’t afford to lose any more."

A few months prior, in September 2023, Sharon opened up about her history with weight fluctuation in an interview with E!. "In my life, the heaviest I was 230 pounds and I’m now under a hundred. And I want to maintain at about 105 because I’m too skinny. But I’m trying to have a healthy balance," she told the publication.

Sharon said she lost too much weight with Ozempic.

Typically, Ozempic is meant to be taken long-term, but Sharon stopped taking the medication after a year because she "couldn't stop losing weight," she told Daily Mail. "I'm too gaunt and I can't put any weight on. I want to, because I feel I'm too skinny.”

“I didn’t want to go this thin. It just happened,” Sharon also said on Piers Morgan Uncensored with husband Ozzy Osbourne, and two of their three children, Jack and Kelly Osbourne.

Now, she wants to gain back 10 pounds.

During a December 2023 appearance on the U.K. talk show Good Morning Britain, Sharon said, "I could do with putting on a few pounds, but at this point the way my body is, it's not listening. It's staying where it is."

A month later, she reiterated this sentiment to the Loose Women hosts: "If I could, I’d put back another 10 pounds. [But] however much I eat, I stay the same weight."

And while husband Ozzy has told Sharon that she looks like former First Lady Nancy Reagan, per the Guardian profile, she's become more self-confident since quitting Ozempic. "I'm shaping up fine," Sharon said.

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