Sharon Osbourne Called Ashton Kutcher A "Dastardly Little Thing" And "Rude Little Boy" In A Very Blunt Interview

This week, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne went on E! News and played a game called "Stir the Pot," where they had to reach into a pot and answer whatever question they pulled.

Close-up of Sharon and Kelly Osbourne dressed in black at a media event
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At one point, Sharon pulled a card that said, "Name the rudest celebrity you've ever met."

Close-up of Sharon smiling in a blouse as she walks outside
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At first, Sharon couldn't immediately remember their name. She could only recall that it was a “guy that’s married to an actress, and he used to do That '70s Show."

Close-up of Sharon at a media event
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But then, when Kelly suggested Ashton Kutcher, Sharon said, "Yes!"

Close-up of Sharon and Kelly smiling and taking a selfie
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"Oh, rude, rude, rude, rude little boy!” she exclaimed.

Close-up of Ashton talking to someone
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"Really?" Kelly asked in disbelief, to which Sharon responded, "Yes. Dastardly little thing."

Close-up of Sharon seated in front of a microphone and wearing headphones
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Sharon didn't disclose the details of the encounter, but as Page Six notes, she previously admitted that they clashed on The Talk.

Close-up of Sharon with the other hosts of The Talk
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"I didn't get on with him at all," she told Larry King in 2018, explaining that Ashton had a "bad attitude because I got his name wrong."

Close-up of Ashton in a tuxe at a media event
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“He was pissed,” she continued. “And he comes on with an attitude, and he goes, ‘What have you done in this industry?’”

Close-up of Sharon wearing a suit jacket and pearls as she speaks to another person onstage
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"And I was like, 'Kid, don't start with me. 'Cause I'm gonna eat you up and shit you out.' I was just like, 'You don't know what you're dealing with, kid.'"

Watch the moment here: