Share The Most Outrageous Text Message Your Terrible Roommate Sent You

We've all had that one roommate that we wish we'd never had, let alone met. Everyone is a product of their environment, and some people don't experience the same home training as others. Typically, college is the first rude awakening to this truth.

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In college, you are introduced to people from various places in the world that come from different cultural backgrounds. Though some differences can be complimentary, others can be traumatizing.

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Having a roommate that you don't see eye to eye with on core values is stressful. It takes your daily worry from getting A's on tests, to being anxious about pest control or the police on your front step at any moment.

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Whatever the pet peeve, disgusting habit, or rude traits your roommate displayed, we want to hear about it all. Share your worst roommate text below or anonymously through this Google Form. Your story may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!