Shaq Admits He Spends $1,000 on Surprising Beauty Treatment

Shaquille O'Neal

Even Shaquille O'Neal likes to look pretty, and he'll fork over a pretty penny to make it happen.

The former Laker recently admitted he enjoys a regular trip to the nail salon, where he gets a little help giving his "ugly, stinky feet" a "little sparkle," and it's all because of a little superstition accidentally started by his mom, Lucille O'Neal.

One day way back when, Shaq was sitting out of a game because he'd torn his toenail off. She touched up his toe with a little red polish and he got back to it. "I hit 40 that game," he recalled. "So I...start[ed] painting my toenails."

Now, he seeks professional help, admitting to paying about $1,000 per visit on a recent episode of his podcast The Big Podcast with Shaq, with clips of the moment uploaded to SportsCenter's Instagram.

He offers up so much because his "feet stink" and he knows that "they're ugly," and he likes to liven them up with not just a swatch of paint but a "pretty" design each time.

They also offered proof in the form of a video clip taken from the pedicure chair, where Shaq smiled happily as the camera operator slowly scanned down his body before coming to focus on his feet.

Patches of royal blue nail polish remained on his cracked and jagged nails, which were in desperate need of some TLC, as was the dry, peeling skin of his foot.

We hope his feet are feeling a lot fresher today!

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