Seth Meyers Exposes The Hilarious Flaw In 'Deeply Delusional' Trump’s New Plan

Donald Trump vowed during a weekend rally in Iowa to somehow redo the 2020 election, which he still falsely claims he won, if he wins back the White House next year.

On Monday’s episode of “Late Night,” Seth Meyers unpicked the flawed logic of the former president and Republican 2024 front-runner ― whom he ripped as “deeply delusional” ― with a reference to the “Back to the Future” film franchise.

“It sounds like his plan is to win the 2024 election so he can redo the 2020 election and win that, which would then make him ineligible to win the 2024 election he already won,” said Meyers. “At which point he starts fading out of inauguration photos Marty McFly-style?”

Watch Meyers’ full monologue here: