Seth Meyers Calls Utter B.S. On Donald Trump's Frank Sinatra Anecdote

Seth Meyers shredded Donald Trump’s claim that he once received advice from legendary crooner Frank Sinatra.

Trump told a rally in New Jersey over the weekend: “Frank Sinatra told me a long time ago, ‘Never eat before you perform.’ I said, ‘I’m not performing, I’m a politician, if you can believe it.’”

“No, I can’t believe it,” Meyers commented on Monday’s broadcast of his “Late Night” show. “And here’s why, because Frank Sinatra died in 1998 and you became a politician in 2015, so that conversation didn’t happen.”

“Under what circumstances would Frank Sinatra be talking to Donald Trump and his main advice for Trump, who again was neither a politician nor a TV personality when Sinatra was alive, would be, ‘Don’t eat before you perform,’” Meyers added.

“Maybe Trump was offering Sinatra food and that was his excuse,” the comedian joked, before mimicking a potential exchange between the pair.

Watch the video here:

There was reportedly no love lost between “My Way” singer Sinatra and Trump.

Amid a contract dispute in the 1990s, Sinatra reportedly instructed his manager to tell Trump to “go fuck himself.”

Nancy Sinatra, the singer’s daughter, is a fierce critic of the former president.

“I’ll never forgive the people that voted for him, ever,” she said in 2021.