Seth Meyers Burns Donald Trump With The Real Reason He's Mad At Robert De Niro

Seth Meyers on Tuesday mocked former President Donald Trump for his recent rants about movie star Robert De Niro.

Trump lashed out at the “Killers of the Flower Moon” star and said he couldn’t “put two sentences together,” after the actor slammed the former president during the recent Gotham Awards ceremony.

“As opposed to Trump, who’s about to put four sentences together,” cracked Meyers, referencing the four criminal cases that Trump is facing.

“That’s right, Trump attacked Robert De Niro for criticizing him in a recent award speech, but he’s just jealous because De Niro’s ‘Casino’ was successful,” Meyers added ― a play on words about Trump’s bankruptcies and De Niro’s acclaimed 1995 movie.

Watch the video here: