Sesame Scallion Waffles Are The Versatile, Savory Treat That Will Upgrade Your Meal

Sesame scallion waffle with butter
Sesame scallion waffle with butter - Image Credits: Static Media / Shutterstock / Getty

When you need something to bulk up your meal, rice, pasta, or quinoa are typically the first ingredients that come to mind. While those work perfectly well, waffles share the same kind of versatility, especially when flavored with savory additions. To upgrade your meal, add some sesame scallion waffles into the mix.

If you're a fan of Chinese or Korean takeout, you may be familiar with scallion pancakes that can easily be dressed with almost anything in your kitchen for days to come. That's exactly what recipe developer Jessica Morone had in mind when making her sesame scallion waffles. Aside from the sesame seeds and scallions, the batter contains Chinese five-spice powder, a warm, spicy mix of seasonings. The combination of earthy, herbaceous, and warming flavors makes the waffles a great meal on their own yet flexible enough to be eaten with everything.

These sesame scallion waffles can be combined with eggs and bacon for a more savory take on breakfast. If you prefer some sweetness, Morone suggests topping off the waffles with a mix of maple syrup and soy sauce. The savory waffles can also be saved for lunch and dinner — add a square to a grain bowl with sweet potatoes, bok choy, sweet and sour tofu, and edamame.

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How To Serve Sesame Scallion Waffles

Scallion waffle with bacon
Scallion waffle with bacon - Jessica Morone/Tasting Table

Chicken and waffles will always be an incredible dish, but with sesame scallion waffles as a base, the meal tastes even better. The waffles can be paired with standard fried chicken, or for a boozier take, try them with sticky Chinese bourbon chicken. The sweet, smoky flavors of bourbon and the sticky sauce are a great topping for these delicious waffles.

For a plant-based meal, fold up the waffle taco-style and spoon in some Asian-inspired coleslaw. The flavorful breakfast taco is complete with crispy red and green cabbage, sliced carrots, and bell peppers, doused in a sweet and spicy honey-lime dressing with soy sauce and chili peppers. To bulk up the meal, sprinkle crispy tofu on top.

If all you want is a simple breakfast, sesame scallion waffles work for that, too. Plate the waffles with a side of maple-cinnamon candied bacon for a touch of sweetness and to complement the hint of spice in the waffles. For the eggs, fry or scramble them up in chili crisp oil for some heat.

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