Servers, Tell Us The Most Random, Obnoxious, Or Even Heartwarming Things Customers Have Written On Their Receipts

Last week, Marjorie Taylor Greene went viral for the note she left on a restaurant receipt.

Twitter: @mtgreenee

This stood out to me for a few reasons: 1) she spent an unbelievable amount of money on food! 2) It also reminded me of all of the random notes I'd get from customers back when I was a server. Here's one from 2014 when I messed up the birthday song at work by clapping off beat.

Receipt showing a purchase of $11.70, a $2.00 tip, and total of $13.70 with "learn to clap" handwritten at the bottom
Chelsea Stewart

Here's another message written on a dollar that a customer once used to pay their bill.

A hand holding a U.S. dollar bill with handwritten text saying, "Defy Obama and buy a gun." There is a face with a disappointed expression at the bottom left
Chelsea Stewart

So, I was wondering: for all the current and former servers out there, what's the most random, outrageous, or even heartwarming message someone's left you?

Maybe it was praise for the stellar service you provided.

Two unidentified people smile and discuss a menu in a casual dining setting; one holds a newspaper, the other a tablet
Dragana991 / Getty Images

Maybe it was a note asking you out, along with their phone number.

A woman with curly hair, wearing a green sweater and an apron, smiles while talking to two people in a modern room with a minimalist design
Fg Trade / Getty Images

Maybe it was a complaint or a funny note because you, too, have no rhythm and ruined the birthday song.

An older man wearing an apron writes on a tablet while standing in a modern kitchen
Krongkaew / Getty Images

Whatever it is, I want to know. Tell us in the comments for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!