Selling Sunset fans divided over Jason comparing his dating age gap to Chrishell’s

The much-anticipated new season of Selling Sunset has landed on Netflix. The show almost instantly went to number one in the US, and despite disappointment over fan-favorite Christine Quinn not making an appearance, the reality TV show is not short of drama.

One of the main focal points of the show is - unsurprisingly - the stars’ tumultuous love lives. In particular, discussion around various age gaps between partners in the show.

In season six, viewers learn more about Chrishell Stause’s relationship with Australian singer G Flip. The 41-year-old realtor and actor married 29-year-old G (real name Georgia Claire Flipo) after one year together, with Stause captioning a May post about their relationship: “Love doesn’t always go as planned… Sometimes it’s immeasurably better.”

Previously, Stause dated Jason Oppenheim, president of The Oppenheim Group, and ex-boyfriend to Stause’s colleague and close friend, Mary Fitzgerald.

Despite an emotional appearance in the reunion show, Oppenheim has also moved on and is now dating model Marie-Lou Nurk. The love life of Oppenheim, 45, is the subject of much of the show’s gossiping, not only because of his 20-year age gap with Nurk, but also with the appearance of fellow Oppenheim Group realtor, Nicole Young, who also dated Jason Oppenheim.

In one particularly awkward scene in season six, Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell Stause sit down to discuss office drama. After Stause joked about Oppenheim’s age, he replied with: “How old is G again?” Through slightly tense laughter, they compared relationship age gaps, with Stause saying “I’m younger than you!” After age comparisons, Oppenheim said: “I think we’re both with people younger than we expected,” resulting in the pair high fiving and summarising: “We’ve still got it”.

The scene was met with mixed reactions from viewers, with some critical of attempts to compare the two relationships.

“Wait 11 years age gap versus 21 years is very different. Chrishell is not the same as Marie & Jason,” one person tweeted.

“Nicole trying to equate Chrishell and G-Flip’s 12-year age gap to Jason and Marie-Lou’s 21 year age gap is the reach of all reaches #SellingSunset,” someone else tweeted, while another said: “I think it’s so rich Marie talking about Jason’s girlfriend’s age, NOT the pot calling the kettle black #SellingSunset.”

Although the show is back with all of its drama, all of the fan favourites have not returned, with fans left disappointed at the absence of Christine Quinn, who had appeared in every other season since the show’s inception.

In her place, the show has two new agents sitting in the ever-crowded office - Young, who has been at the agency since 2014, according to her LinkedIn, and Bre Tiesi.