See a Swiftie Bejewel Her Dad’s Bald Head for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Concert

Taylor Swift

When it comes to Taylor Swift's wildly popular Eras Tour, fans typically pull out all the stops to dress up for concerts. The general aesthetic is either sparkly or era-specific, with plenty of quirky costumes thrown in for good measure. However, one dad rocked gemstones all over his bald head at a recent show, courtesy of his Swifite daughter—and a video of the bejeweling process has gone viral.

A TikTok user named Adison Ward attended the Melbourne night three Eras Tour show. In the video, her father, Leigh Ward, channeled Swift's Midnights track "Bejeweled" with his fun look. The camera panned from the top to the back and to the front of the Swiftie dad's head, showing off the dozens of gems covering  it.

"My dad was best dressed," Adison declared in a TikTok video that has since attracted nearly 17 million views.

In the comments, Leigh replied, "I loved every bit of it my darlin Daughter.... Making memories ❤️❤️."

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Other TikTok users shared their reactions, too, with one person declaring, "Dad makes the whole Melbourne shimmer 🫶."

Someone else commented, "He's not bald he's bejeweled ✨💎."

Meanwhile, another TikTok user wrote, "Girl dads 🥹✨," and someone else commented, "It's giving a mirrorball and Bejeweled crossover."

Yet another person declared, "Tell your dad he's a legend oh and also he ate 😘😘."

What do you think of this Swiftie dad's bejeweled look for the Eras Tour concert?

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