See the 'Fire' Sneak Peek of the First Battle of 'The Voice' Season 25

Bryan Olesen and Nathan Chester

The Blind Auditions are over and the Battles have begun on Season 25 of The Voice, and the time has come for coaches John Legend, Reba McEntire, Chance the Rapper and Dan + Shay to pair the 10 members of their teams in sing-offs to determine who will move on to the Knockouts.

NBC did an early release of Monday night’s spectacular Battle between Team Legend’s Bryan Olesen, a three-chair turn, and Nathan Chester, a two-chair turn, on Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”

“Wow! That was absolutely incredible,” Reba critiqued the duo when they finished. “That harmony. Oh, my gosh, it was powerful. Your choreography was flawless. Bryan, I love your style. It's a little quirky. That's what I loved about it. Nathan, powerhouse. John, I don't think I'm any help for you buddy. I'm sorry.”

“You guys are both really powerful vocalists,” Chance told the two singers. “Nathan, you have a strong personality to your vocal and, obviously, great control. Bryan showed a lot more dynamics than I think I saw in the Blinds. A lot more range, which I liked a lot. I think either one of you guys could take the win. I think that was a great performance. That's why everybody was screaming, so congratulations.”

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“I'm blown away,” Dan Smyers said. “It was so locked in, so in sync. The vibratos were happening at the same time. Y'all were just up there absolutely killing it. I loved the starting on the one knee like that. I was like, ‘Oohh, this is going to be fire.’"

Then Shay Mooney jumped in, saying, “I felt like I was literally in the middle of Braveheart or some action movie like Gladiator. I wanted to get my popcorn out. I want a T-shirt of Nathan down there [on one knee].”

Bryan Olesen<p>Danny Ventrella/NBC</p>
Bryan Olesen

Danny Ventrella/NBC

Next, it was back to Dan. “John, you’ve got your work cut out for you on this one.”

John busted his fellow coaches saying, “Yeah, they're so unhelpful—all of you.”

Then Shay continued, “What I loved about this performance was that it felt very individual and there were moments where you were both able to shine bright. Bryan, I felt like I was watching a seasoned veteran, and everything was just amazing. I would like to just pick one over the other…”

Dan interrupted, “Can we do a coin toss? Does anybody have a coin?”

Nathan Chester<p>Danny Ventrella/NBC</p>
Nathan Chester

Danny Ventrella/NBC

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Finally, it was up to John, who’s opinion is really the only one that matters as he will decide which artist from the two on his team will make it through to the Knockout rounds.

John said, “Can you imagine a quartet of people more unhelpful than these people? Obviously, you two created this problem by being so incredible. I loved the physical interaction you had with each other. You also really committed to giving this song a refresh. This version sounded like no other version. You were both A++.”

So, who did John select as the winner of the Battle to move on to the Knockouts?

Tune in to The Voice on Monday night at 8 p.m. ET on NBC to find out.

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