The Secret To Unbeatable Garlic Bread Is Your Grill

garlic bread on cutting board
garlic bread on cutting board - Fcafotodigital/Getty Images

Garlic bread is the culinary antidote to pretty much anything that ails you — whether a bad meal, a bad day, or a bad breakup, there's seemingly nothing a generous helping of garlic bread can't make better. With its robust, herby flavor and unapologetically thick, carby bite, the popular Italian side dish -- which was originally an iteration of a bruschetta --recipe -- was created as a means to using up leftover, stale bread and has since become a staple in family meals. Garlic bread complements a wide variety of flavors, serving as a delicious accompaniment for everything from pasta dishes to salads, meat and seafood. But what if you could take its salty, herby flavor to the next level by throwing it on the grill?

The good news is the smoky flavor the grill adds to your bread will pair deliciously with your butter, enhance its depth of flavor, and add an extra crisp texture to the crust and interior, not to mention some seriously cool grill marks. Use melted garlic butter instead of softened to avoid your butter running off and burning on the grill, and you're ready for some upgraded garlic bread. But there are some important steps to take so that grilling your garlic bread is easier and the results are more delicious.

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Grilling Your Garlic Bread

grilled garlic bread with garlic bulbs
grilled garlic bread with garlic bulbs - Pilipphoto/Getty Images

Understanding how to grill garlic bread is a game-changer that will not only deliver a chewier inside and crispier outer crust, but it will infuse a deliciously smoky flavor — the charred portions adding a flavorful undertone to pair with your bread's buttery, garlic flavor.

But when you add garlic butter to your bread, avoid using jarred garlic in your recipe. Its high moisture content will add too much wetness, and the fineness of the garlic pieces makes them susceptible to burning. Alternatively, you can use garlic powder, which won't burn on the grill. Brush your bread generously with your melted garlic butter (feel free to baste multiple times for the most flavorful results), which allows it to soak in the butter and retain a deeper flavor that will stand up to the heat of the grill.

Grilling garlic bread to perfection can be done on either a gas or charcoal grill, but you must use indirect heat as bread can burn quickly. For a gas grill, you'll want to place your bread face down and away from the direct heat on a burner that isn't lit. But be sure to turn up the heat if you're using a larger grill. For a charcoal grill, you'll simply create your pile of coals under one side of the grill and place your sliced bread face down at the other end for a couple of minutes on each side.

Get Dippin' With That Grilled Garlic Bread

grilled garlic bread with cheesy dip
grilled garlic bread with cheesy dip - Graficam Ahmed Saeed/Shutterstock

Once you've finished grilling your garlic bread, pairing it is easy. For a delicious partnership, why not throw some oysters on the grill with your bread? Grilled oysters on the half shell make a buttery, somewhat salty accompaniment that will give your meal a delectable New England seaside feel. You can even drizzle some of that same garlic butter onto them (add some parsley for a bit of earthiness). However, as you'll be grilling your oysters in stages, you'll want to wait until they're almost done before adding your bread to the grill so it doesn't burn.

If you're looking for some thick creaminess, serve that crisp, smoky bread with a hummus dip. Not only does garlic pair beautifully with the nutty flavor of hummus, but the dip's smooth, creamy texture will provide a contrast to the crisp grilled bread. Use it as a spread, or cut your bread into batons and dip them straight in. Can't get enough garlic? Use a store-bought garlic hummus (or add extra minced garlic to your homemade version) for a bigger flavor punch. If you prefer to go down a seafood route with your dip, consider pairing your bread with crab dip — the garlic flavor will accentuate the crab's butteriness and pair deliciously with the richness of the cream cheese. The sky's the limit when it comes to enjoying your grilled garlic bread, so enjoy.

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