The secret reason Camilla always wears these Chanel shoes

Eliza Velk
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Have you ever noticed that Prince Charles’ wife Camilla wears the same pair of shoes for almost all of her public appearances?

The 70-year-old Duchess of Cornwall clearly loves her cream Chanel pumps with a black toe but that may not be the only reason she wears them.

The iconic linked C’s in the Chanel logo actually acts as a significant symbol of Charles and Camilla’s relationship – or at least they did in the eyes of the late Princess Diana, Prince Charles’ first wife.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall loves her cream pumps with a black toe but there is a deeper reason why. Source: Getty
If you hadn’t noticed, Camilla wears her Chanel pumps to almost every public appearance. Source: Getty

While Prince Charles and Camilla didn’t marry until 2005, their relationship actually goes back to over 30 years ago with an affair that allegedly started in in 1986 when Charles was still married to Princess Diana and Camilla to Andrew Parker Bowles.

So after Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ eventual divorce in 1996, Diana reportedly never wanted to wear Chanel ever again – deeming it to be significant for Charles and Camilla.

After her divorce from Prince Charles, Princess Diana refused to ever wear Chanel because it reminded her of Charles and Camilla. Source: Getty

In a historical interview with Harper’s Bazaar, designer Jayson Brundson, who styled Diana, revealed he had picked out the perfect pair of Chanel shoes but she refused to wear them.

“I said, ‘well these would look great with the Versace’ and she said ‘no, I can’t wear linked Cs, the double C.

“So I asked why, and she said, ‘it’s Camilla and Charles’.”

Now looking back over how often Camilla actually does wear her Chanel, it seems she recognises this significance of the double Cs too.

The double C’s in the Chanel brand is symbolic of Charles and Camilla’s relationship. Source: Getty

Her most recent outings in the pump heels have included the Duchess’s royal visit to Salisbury, a charity event for the Elephant Family, the annual Order of the Garter Service and for the celebration of 5 News’ 21st anniversary.

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