Secret Service Clarifies ‘Taser Comment’ About Travis Kelce

The U.S. Secret Service offered clarification on Travis Kelce’s 'taser comment' during the Kansas City Chiefs’ recent visit to the White House. Above, U.S. President Joe Biden invites Kelce to speak during an event on the South Lawn of the White House on May 31, 2024 in Washington, D.C.

The U.S. Secret Service has clarified a warning that Travis Kelce said he received during his trip to the White House last week.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end traveled to Washington, D.C., with his team to greet President Joe Biden as part of an annual tradition where the sitting president invites the Super Bowl champions for a visit. It was the second consecutive time that the Chiefs visited the Biden White House in celebration of a Super Bowl victory.

While at the White House on Friday, May 31, the NFL star said he had received a warning from the Secret Service that he would risk getting tased if he stood up at the presidential podium. He further detailed the warning he said he received during the June 5 episode of New Heights, the podcast he co-hosts with his brother, former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce.

A spokesperson for the Secret Service indicated in a statement shared with People on Wednesday that the “taser comment” had not been made seriously but was part of “some friendly banter” between the agents and Travis. The Secret Service was “happy to support Travis and the Chiefs’ official visit to the White House,” the spokesperson said, adding that Travis was gifted a special Secret Service pin while there.

In the days leading up to this year’s visit, fans resurfaced a video clip showing Travis walking up to the presidential podium while Biden stood off to the side holding a “46” jersey that the team had gifted him. Travis pretended to begin delivering a speech before Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes jumped in to intercept him.

Travis told Jason he had also arrived at the White House last year with an expired ID. With that previous complication in mind, Travis said he arrived at the White House this time with his current U.S. passport to avoid any trouble.

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“When I walked in, we had about four or five Secret Service members come up to me and tell me, ‘You know, if you go up to that podium, we’re authorized to tase you,’” Travis, 34, recalled. He then explained that he wasn’t expecting what happened next.

When the Chiefs stood behind Biden on the South Lawn for the annual event, the president jokingly turned the podium over to Travis, noting that "God only knows what he'd say.”

Travis stepped up to stand beside Biden at the podium and was greeted with laughter as he began addressing the audience. “My fellow Americans. It’s nice to see you all yet again,” he said before turning to look at Biden. “Um, I’m not gonna lie, President Biden. They told me if I came up here I’d get tased, so I’m gonna go back to my spot, all right?”

After Travis and Jason played a clip of the moment on New Heights, Travis reiterated that he had “no idea” that Biden would “ask me to come up and let me have my moment.”

“I felt tasers aimed at me when I was up there the whole time,” Travis said with a laugh.

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