Science, Sleekness and Simplicity Meet With Manasi 7's "Microbioskin" Collection

Nothing says "bae" like a trio of science, sleekness and simplicity. Swedish brand Manasi 7 is delivering on this dream combo by introducing "MicrobioSkin" to its latest product offerings. This new microbiome-friendly skincare and body care collection is vegan, waterless and includes certified organic products that achieve superior results while making beauty routines easy.

Created by Susanne Manasi, Manasi 7 is based on the founder's Indian background and incorporates traditional, nature-derived practices into current practices. The press release states the inclusion of super antioxidants, skin barrier reinforcement and skin-enriching nourishing products that assert the power of natural and organic, bio-fermented, plant-based ingredients.

Their latest product is the Botanical Body Oil Aoki, which consists of 12 active plant oils acting as the skin's natural microbiome. Aoki consists of natural, organic botanical oils, making it a holy grail candidate. It exfoliates, coats, protects, and restores skin, leaving it soft and moist while imparting a healthy, natural sheen. Including antioxidant oils and the fragrant smells of Frangipani flowers, this lotion is highly hydrophilic, intensively nourishing, yet non-oily.

Manasi 7 has streamlined skincare benefits by creating products that are not only cost and time-efficient but also optimize the skin's health, giving it proper and complete care in unison.

Retailing for $115 USD, the body oil will be available June 28 on the brand’s site.

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