A Scene Of Beyoncé Correcting Blue Ivy's Behavior In The "Renaissance" Movie Has Sparked A Conversation About Gentle Parenting

Last night, Beyoncé's concert film, Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, was finally released in theaters.

beyonce on stage with dancers
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Written, produced, and directed by the legendary singer, the film chronicles her record-breaking Renaissance world tour from May to October of this year.

beyonce on stage with her dancers
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This includes interviews and behind-the-scenes looks at the show preparations, along with the involvement of Beyoncé's 11-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

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Blue, notably, appeared onstage with her mom during her performances of “My Power” and “Black Parade,” dancing alongside other talented performers.

the two dancing on stage
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Blue is also shown giving input on the show — at one point, a little too eagerly, leading an educational moment between her and Beyoncé about Blue's etiquette.

  Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Atlantis The Royal
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Atlantis The Royal

In the scene, Beyoncé talks to her team about the songs she wants to include in the setlist. When someone suggests removing "Diva" to shorten the show, Blue — who's sitting nearby — interjects. "You can't take away those songs," she groans loudly.

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While Beyoncé acknowledges Blue's feelings, she also reminds her to be soft in her delivery.

the two on stage together
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"I appreciate your opinion, but you gotta calm down. You can't cut people [off]," Beyoncé says before the clip hilariously cuts off to show her performing "Diva" on tour, as Blue had requested.

beyonce singing while her dancers crowd around her
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The clip went viral on X, formerly known as Twitter, as people praised Beyoncé and her "gentle" approach to correcting Blue's behavior.

"This is gentle parenting," one person wrote.

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"See how Beyonce used gentle parenting the correct way. You acknowledge your child’s feelings while also establishing a clear boundaries with a firm tone. Gentle parenting isn’t letting your kids get away with murder like some of you," another commented.

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A third person said, "Beyonce gave a great exact parenting. She told her child to stay in a child’s place but still acknowledged her enthusiasm and still used her opinion. I love seeing Beyonce be a mom. Omg."

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While someone else joked: "Beyoncé is an elder millennial raised by Boomers. It’s giving gentle parenting with a dash of 'don’t play with me.'"

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Parkwood Entertainment / Twitter: @BienSur_JeTaime

You can see the full film yourself now in various theaters worldwide.