Save yourself a trip to the salon with these at home manicure tips

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You don’t have to go all the way to the nail salon to get the perfect manicure! Save yourself some time and money by doing your own manicure at home. In this episode of Make Me Up, host Melanie Sutrathada (@melaniesutra) shows how to use press-on nails, nail wraps, and decals to create your own glamorous manicure. No one will guess you did it yourself!

Melanie starts by demonstrating how to apply press-on nails using Nails of LA Press-On Extensions. She explains that each nail has a number written on its back which designates its size. “For example, this is the largest size so it actually has a teensy tiny baby one right at the top,” Melanie explains, showing off one of the press-on nails.

Once you choose your size, it’s time to prepare your nails for the press-ons. “So we’ve got a little cuticle pusher here,” Melanie says, holding up the cuticle pusher that comes with the Nails of LA press-on set. “I’m going to go ahead and just gently push back my cuticles. I feel like this is something that really helps your manicures to last longer as your nails grow out.”

Next, Melanie cleans her nails with alcohol on a cotton pad. When her nails are clean, she uses a buffer to smooth them out, then adds glue to her nails. “I like to put a little bit of glue on the individual nail and then a little bit of glue on the artificial nail,” Melanie explains. “I think that really helps to seal it in.”

Melanie attaches the first press-on to her nail, then holds it down for 10 seconds to seal it. Once the press-on is firmly attached, she repeats the process for each of her other nails. “If you put these on correctly and make sure your nail is buffed, these will last up to seven days,” Melanie says. “That’s a pretty great amount of time to have a beautiful press-on nail on. If you were looking at these, you would never guess that I did these at home by myself.”

Next, Melanie demonstrates how to apply nail wraps using a set of Nails of LA nail wraps. She starts by pushing back her cuticles, then she places a nail wrap on top of her nail. “So what I like to do is I leave this on my finger for just a moment to give it time for the nail wrap to really adhere to your nail and also to pull out the shape,” she explains.

When the nail wrap is firmly attached, Melanie uses a buffer stick to file off the excess wrap. “I especially love nail wraps because there is no drying time and these stay on for about a week which I think is pretty phenomenal,” Melanie says, showing off the finished look.

Finally, Melanie adds a bit of flair in the form of nail decals! “I love these because they really make any nail just look so special and customized,” Melanie says, selecting a palm tree nail decal. To apply the decal, Melanie simply peels it off of the sticker paper and smooths it over her nail.

“So now I’ve got a little palm tree on this nail and it just makes it look so fun,” says the host. Then, she asks an all-important question: “So are you team press-on nails or are you team nail wrap?”

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