“Saturday Night Live ”recap: Sydney Sweeney hosts episode full of breast and beastiality jokes

Plus, Kacey Musgraves makes her third appearance as musical guest.

Hey folks, SNL in Review here — it’s time to sit back and scan for this week’s best moments from Saturday Night Live. Tonight’s episode is hosted by Sydney Sweeney, a kind of Gen Z darling in projects ranging from Euphoria and White Lotus on TV (well, it’s not TV it’s HBO, heh) to film where she’s recently graduated to headline projects like the throwback rom-com Anyone but You. Thanks in part to her popularity and considerable charms, that movie recently became a sleeper success. Oh yeah, she’s carved herself out a decent lane as a scream queen too. Her latest project is Immaculate, which she first auditioned for way back in 2014! (Well, ahem, she’s also in Madame Web - which star Dakota Johnson recently hosted SNL and joked about!) So, Sweeney's got a lot of wind at her sail.

Singer Kacey Musgraves is back for her third stint as musical guest as well. Here we go, Conehead nation!

<p>NBC</p> Sydney Sweeney hosts 'SNL'


Sydney Sweeney hosts 'SNL'

Cold Open

Dana Bash (Heidi Gardner) ushers in a muted cold open. California Governor Gavin Newsom (Michael Longfellow) correctly points out voters should focus on Joe Biden’s record, not his age. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (Ego Nwodim), Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas (Marcello Hernandez) and Draymond Green (Devon Walker) testify both to his fitness for office - and his personal rigor. Bash views it all suspiciously. Despite no evidence, she pushes them: there must be something wrong. The media narrative that his age is an issue must be explored, and they are all over exaggerating. I don’t especially like the commentary here. A bit witless - Jon Stewart just did a segment on this subject.

Mikey Day briefly pops up again as Biden. Can’t say that impression is working for me. I was just speaking with former SNL cast member Jeff Richards about this. He just played opposite another Biden impression on his podcast. He says: “Mike MacRae, my Biden, was a challenge to keep up with. Playing the quick-witted, magically delicious Jimmy Fallon, this interview was a tennis match not for the faint of laughs.” The key to a good Biden impression: “Capturing the president’s natural comedic energy and genuine nature."


Sweeney jokes about going to a Trump-themed party for her mom. She wants people to get to know her better. She also jokes about using Ozempic and wild rumors about her online. Of course, a reference to her breasts is made. I guess that could not be avoided. There is a cute moment where she talks about her fiancé, but instead they cut to her Anyone but You costar Glen Powell in the audience. Oops! Richards notes that Sweeney's outfit is the best.


Police interns Sweeney and Chloe Fineman are able to close cold cases immediately because they are 22 and can research anything about anyone online immediately. Fineman’s character has a screen time of 22 hours a day — and her online habits are pretty funny. Same with Sweeney’s speech cadence, almost like a spoof of her obnoxious White Lotus character. James Austin Johnson also has a funny moment.

“Found him.” 

Please Don't Destroy — "Story About a Friend"

Our boys are sad. One of their friends just died. Sweeney comes in to console them. Turns out a donkey kicked the deceased in the nuts, throwing him into the Grand Canyon. But that’s not all. The story keeps getting hilariously worse while Sweeney tries to keep her composure. Chef Boyardee commercial!

"Air Bud"

It’s the Air Bud universe. Head cheerleader Rochelle (Sweeney) comes over to flirt with the best basketball player at her school, but is so blinded by her need for popularity she does not realize he is a Golden Retriever. Lame. Tim Kazurinsky (of I Married a Monkey fame) should have his ears burning here.

"Big Bench"

All rise for the honorable everybody. Seventeen members of the bench support Nwodim’s Judge Carlotta. To win on this show, you need to win over everybody. The personalities of the bench vary. They make another dog joke. Yawn. Fineman plays Sweeney’s sister – big episode for her! I love: “What can I say your honor, I’m a bad boy!” from Johnson’s cartoonish hick accent. 

"Bowen's Straight"

Sweeney reveals she has a secret crush on the show: Bowen Yang. The female cast members assure her: he’s a womanizer and available. They say he plays gay on the show as a shortcut for laughs. It’s his meal ticket. Sweeney and Yang hit it off, making love. She says she has a thing for "gay-presenting Asian podcasters". This is a funny behind the scenes spoof of both Sweeney and Yang. Plus, a Lenny Pickett joke! Yes! And I want Day’s goofy Sweeney Todd sketch! Also loved seeing Gina Gershon! This one is not bad. Tentative watch!

"Makeup Artists"

Jules (Gardner) is left at the altar by her fiancé. The wedding hair stylists (Sweeney, Sarah Sherman) shamelessly ask for Venmo payment during the worst moment of the bride’s life. Things keep getting worse, but they chime in: “Shoot.”  Recommendation: Tentative watch! But another thankless role for Molly Kearney.

Kacey Musgraves — "Deeper Well"

This is the eponymous lead single from Musgraves’ upcoming album. It’s pretty! She first appeared on the show back in 2018 and returned to SNL for her second musical guest appearance for the season premiere of Season 47, hosted by Owen Wilson.

"Weekend Update"

This kicks off with a few tough Trump jokes! And Mitch McConnell. Ouch! Michael Che has a good joke about working with people you hate — a not subtle nod to Colin Jost!

Jost’s prayers have been answered: ABC has launched Golden Bachelorette. Gardner comes out to share tips about women feeling confident at any age. Meh. Shout out to her condo though — and the binder clips on her back! 

Charlotte the Pregnant Stingway (Nwodim) surprises Che: he’s the father, and this is not a virgin birth. He had a latex allergy! (Following the Air Bud sketch, this episode has a weird beastiality undercurrent? Yikes.)

"Hooters Waitress"

Hooters waitresses Fineman and Squirm lament their low tips, but the new girl (Sweeney) cleans up. I think we know why. The show couldn’t resist this premise. Kenan Thompson with his Kel Mitchell sitcom hair!

Kacey Musgraves — "Too Good to Be True"

This was released earlier this week. It’s a relaxed acoustic song - very chill and intimate.

"Airbnb Design Commercial"

It’s the interior designers for bland rentals, Chanel and Chanel. For the same amount of money as a hotel, you can stay in a place with worst sheets, a difficult lockbox, politically ambiguous art work. This is pretty sharp satire! I love the Einstein and Marilyn Monroe posters. Watch this one!

"Loud Table"

Andrew Dismukes time. He’s out with Sweeney, when a group of loud friends annoys them during dinner. He says he is going to confront the group of men. Instead, he approaches and disarms them by honoring their friendship. He explains that nothing shuts up a group of guys like an earnest expression of what they mean to one another. Dismukes learned this lesson in middle school - he told his friends their laughter was the highlight of his day. It ended the relationship immediately. A group of women also gets rowdy. Sweeney reminds them of their mothers’ humanity. So this is a sketch about emotional regulation, and how people can't handle some truths. This one was going well – we did not need another Glen Powell appearance, I don’t think. He should host though! 

Final Thoughts

-Thoughts? Vote here or below!

-Last week’s poll results on the Shane Gillis episode were interesting! A lot of strong opinions on both sides but ultimately it earned a robust A rating.

-Thank you to Jeff Richards for his thoughts. Check out his latest podcast episode: Fallon versus Biden! 

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