Sandy Liang Suits Up for Flight for Resort 2025

“You know me — I’m super obsessed with nostalgia,” Sandy Liang said during a preview of her resort collection. She lead with what resonates so strongly with her customer: her creative impulse to mine the past to make something modern. This season she took flight, casting her eye on “what would I design for Japan airlines” flight attendants, she said. But the vibe came with the polish she explored last season, thinking on what it means to dress up for work. “You are 30 and you go to work, what does that look like,” she said, going over the pieces she is obsessed with, naming each as “wearable.”

A pink pinstripe button up with a matching tie and pink pleated skirt was preppy but ironically sweet. Ties were, in fact, throughout — on crisp white shirting, under navy cardigans, or paired with short but appropriate skirts. The period was purposely vague but there were some clues to a Mod vibe, certainly the type of thing you might have worn when a flight meant dressing up. Case in point: An aqua blue long-sleeved top with a random circle cut out above the chest was worn with an apron skirt over pant in a pale blue. Could it be for the guest or the flight attendant? Either way it was decidedly the cool-girl young — but not too young — vibe that Liang’s work sits in. Prefer more relaxed? She had hoodies, a style she debuted last season and said was an instant hit.

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Accessories saw a new version of the ballet flat she made cool again, her large satin sash bow bags and a range of belts, which she layered over her collegiate knits.

Launch Gallery: Sandy Liang Resort 2025 Ready-to-Wear Collection

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