How to Make Your Sandwich Taste Like it Came From Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike's exterior plus sub sandwich

Fans of Jersey Mike’s have a serious reason to get excited this month. Besides landing themselves in the #1 spot in our top sandwich shop rankings, the fan-favorite sub slinger, which started as one location in 1956, has always been a reliable destination for a tasty meal.

The discussion about which Jersey Mike's sub is the best might get heated, but many fans agree on the franchise's top condiment: the Hot Chopped Pepper Relish. And the best news is that you can now buy a jar of the spicy combo of pickled red and green peppers to elevate any sandwich you make at home.

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Where Can You Buy Jersey Mike's Hot Chopped Pepper Relish?

The 16-ounce jars of Hot Chopped Pepper Relish are only available at Jersey Mike's locations and only until supplies last. The price isn't listed on the Jersey Mike's site, but is rumored to be around $6, which seems like a small price to pay for sandwich perfection.

Online, news about the newly-minted bottled relish quickly garnered a lot of attention from curious Jersey Mike’s fans. In a post shared to Instagram by @letsgogrub, Eric Cuevas urges his followers, “if you come across one, grab a bottle before they sell out,” suggesting that a bottle is already hard to come by.

In the comment section, people were quick to point out just how monumental of a moment this is for the true fans of Jersey Mike’s.

“This is so good I had to get it,” one person wrote, after another jokingly compared the similarities between the delicious hot pepper condiment and some allegedly illegal substances. Others also chimed in to describe the new release as “the best,” and “my favorite.”

Be on the lookout next time you’re craving a Jersey Mike’s sub and snag one of these bottles if your local happens to still have them in stock. Your homemade sandwiches will never be the same again.

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